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Your siding is the home’s first line of defense against weather. Damaged siding can lead to bigger problems, but it also becomes a headache to maintain with annual painting and repair work needed. JD Builders offers siding replacements to improve the level of protection for your home. In addition to instantly improving curb appeal, new siding can improve your home’s energy efficiency. You can get any material installed, including wood and composite siding. Call 907-980-7437 today to schedule a free consultation on siding installation in Wasilla, AK.

5 reasons to replace your siding

5 reasons to replace your siding

If your home’s siding constantly requires repairs and maintenance, it might be time to consider getting new siding installed. There are numerous reasons for siding replacement, including:

  1. You see mold, mildew or fungus
  2. There are rotting boards
  3. It needs frequent painting
  4. You notice increasing home heating and cooling costs
  5. The siding is fading

Hire JD Builders to give your home the exterior protection it needs.